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Although the aviation industry is global, individual operators work in individual ways.

Applying software solutions to traditional paper procedures, means working closely with the operator to ensure that the software follows the manual working methods previously used.

Over the past 10 years we  been successful in working with client aviation companies to develop computer systems that replace and speed up, old manual systems.

The Captains Voyage Report analysis system is one such system that has been custom tailored for client airlines.

The system puts on screen a facsimile of the paper voyage report, which is filled in by the aircraft crew. The data on paper is entered into the screen form and held in a database.

The detailed information contained in the voyage report can then be used to provide operational, commercial, accounting and statistical reports which are available to system users over the operators LAN.

Typical reports that are produced from the system include:

  • Monthly Crew hours
  • Crew availability
  • Route payload analysis
  • Post flight cost reconciliation
  • Aircraft/ engine trend monitoring
  • etc.etc.etc.....
  • Each system is tailored to the operators method of operation and produces the reports that the operator requires.

    Other examples of custom software produced by Aerocom for the Aviation industry include:

  • Airport RTOW tables software for the DC10-30 and Boeing 707
  • High speed take-off weights for the DC8-50 series aircraft.
  • Client charter inquiry database.
  • Fleet planning software.
  • Our years of hands on industry experience  means that we understand your requirements and can produce the software that you need